Faire du progrès spirituel (volume 4)

Ce livre est la substance de onze messages, ce ne sont pas des discussions théologiques, mais ce sont des paroles cœur à cœurs. C’est un livre au message pratique pour le nouveau comme pour l’ancien converti qui l’aidera à aller de façon croissante dans sa marche avec le Seigneur, et à s’élever à des hauteurs avec le Seigneur.



Making Spiritual Progress (Volume 4) is a series of messages given during the teaching ministry of the church in Yaounde (Cameroon) between 1985 and 1986.

In this book, Zacharias Tanee Fomum, in his exhaustive study of the Bible and a lifetime of labour in the Lord, is very clear on the following three broad subjects:

  1. The problem with denominational systems, 
  2. Fellowship in the Body of Christ, and
  3. The Local Church.

He quotes extensively from Watchman Nee, who believes that there is but one Body of Christ in the universe, with some of its members found in the denominational systems.

The obvious question that arises is: From the multitude of organisations that call themselves churches today, of which church should we be a part? You will find the answer to this question in this book.

The book equally discusses God’s Universal Church in relation with the local church. It delves into their establishment, membership, fellowship, functioning and leadership. It also examines the relationship between local churches.

In this book, Professor Fomum specifically describes what the Church is and what it isn’t. He covers a lot on apostolic work, the form for local churches and how the roles of elders, deacons, apostles, and others fit in the church.

We prayerfully and emphatically encourage every Christian, who has ever wondered what the Body of Christ is, and why there are so many different “churches” today, to read this book. May the Lord grant you a vision of His Body, and help you enter into deep fellowship both with Him and with His people.


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