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Zacharias T. Fomum

Best selling author

Meet Professor Zacharias Tanee FOMUM, a man of exceptional spiritual depth and a renowned voice in the Christian revival movement. With over 350 books and 10 million copies in circulation in more than 100 languages, he was a bestselling Christian author and professor of Organic Chemistry. His scientific works earned him the prestigious Doctor of Science degree from the University of Durham in Great Britain.

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Having read several of the author’s books, I have to say that this is the one in which I found him full of gentleness and compassion. I could see all the love of God for me through the different stories of the bible that are told. Especially through the story of Abraham. I was so discouraged, but after reading this book, I could see how good, patient, and compassionate God is towards us.


Amazon customer • Knowing the God of unparalleled Goodness

“The author clearly shows us that God is generous. He has blessed us all with one or more talents. But sometimes we don’t know how to recognize or use them. By reading this book, I learned what my talents are, I learned about myself and how I could use each of my talents to serve God and the community. Everyone should read this book!”


Amazon customer | You Have a Talent!

“This book is a real treat. I enjoyed reading it although I didn’t expect it to talk to me about revelation. But indeed, we could not know God without Him revealing Himself to us. All the disciplines of the Christian life that we practice without revelation are wind and dust. A book full of revelations, to have “Revelation”.”


Amazon customer | Knowing God