Prof. Z.T. Fomum

Scientist, Apostle, Revivalist.

Z.T. Fomum was exceptional in many domains. He was a University professor, a scientist, a world teacher on prayer, and a man of most unusual spiritual experiences. He was a team leader and apostle of a successful missionary work and movement.
He was also a leading voice for revival. He was a workaholic and loving in his personal relationships in an unusual way and drew to himself men and women of girth and great gifts in life-long relationships and commitment to a cause.
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“There was a time I was not a Bible teacher. At 5 p.m. on 21st October 1970, the Holy Spirit came upon me and the next day I became a Bible teacher. I did not learn it”

Z.T. Fomum, in “From His Lips: About The Author”