The Cross: God’s Answer to Sin

Knowledge and Experience

Many believers commit sin because the enemy, in their ignorance, seduces them to accept that sin is part of the New Life. They consequently do not co-operate with God in order to enter their full experience of total liberation in Christ.

People must know what they are, and then their experience will follow. Those who know what God has said cling on it and find that it becomes their experience.

Knowledge liberates. You cannot confidently act on what you do not know. People will become what we tell them they are. You become what you know yourself to be.

God does not delight in our confession of the marks of Satan. He delights in our confession of the marks of God. You tell God;

• I will loved like you do.

• I will forgave my brother as you do.

• I will give generously as you do.

• I will be as joyful as you are.

• Etc.

Listen, you will become what you confess. In our finances, we have become what we have confessed. I stand where God says that I am. A man has the wife that he has produced by his confessions. The wife has the husband of her word’s making. It is true for children.

God’s Life in us

We have God’s life,

“and this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son” (1 John 5:11.)

The life that flows inside God is the same that flows in us.

We have received the power to be the sons of God, power to become children of God. I am God’s son. I have been born into a divine family. I am in the kingdom of holiness, of saints, of wealth, of rest, of power.

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